When I insert a 'no image' image element, there is an image that displays instead of creating a blank image element

There is an image that comes up everytime I insert an image in my report even if I select 'No image (just create an image element, expression will be modified later)'.  That image behaves like it is part of my default Report Perspective.  Please help on how to remove that image in my default report perspective.

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1 Answer:

Think this will solve your problem:

  • Click on image 
  • Go to properties
  • Go to section 'Image'
  • Set: On Error Type = Blank (instead of 'icon')

And then I think you're done. Please let me know if it worked

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Thank you... I tried what you said but it did not work for me. Anyways, my real issue is that when I create a report using a report template that I just created with our corporate logo on it, our logo is replaced by this image.

alicia.guerra - 8 years 1 month ago

Can you upload the jrxml file (or a part of it)? Don't get your exact problem.

gert_1 - 8 years 1 month ago