Upgrade Jasperserver 3.7.1 --> 5.6.1

Hi all,

i have a big problem performing upgrade from Jasperserver 3.7.1 to 5.6.1

Platform OS: Windows 7 64 bit
First of all i've exported 3.7.1 version into a zip file thru js-export.bat. No errors.

Then i've installed  Jasperserver 5.6.1 64 bit without problem. I've also tried to login with success.
Later i've upgraded Jasperserver 5.6.1 with my zip file with js-upgrade-newdb-ce.bat without any problem. No errors into upgrade log file.

The problem is that i have http 404 status when i try to see jasper home page...

So i've looked into jasperreportstomcat-stderr and i've found a catalina.loader.WebClassLoader loadClass error --> Illegal access

Into Jasperreportstoomcat-stdout i've also found a Context initialization failed. ERROR:permission denied for relation jiresourcefolder...

Could you help me please? It is very important.

Thank you so much in advance.

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The steps you followed look correct, but the error you are seeing usually appears when install/upgrade didn't go through successfully. It might be helpful to see your upgrade log and default_master.properties file, please attach them here.

Also, are you by any chance switching to a different database? that could explain the error.


- Stas

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