Server Community Edition: How to create Data Sources, Domains, Views, Reports?

I've investigated the 6.0 server community and AWS versions, and, I don't see how to create data sources, domains, views, reports in the Community Edition like the "commercial" AWS version has.

I know that the "Create" button in the AWS/commercial version is "only available on the commercial" editions, per another post, but, how do you create these objects without this functionality?  Is there a "manual" proess documented somewhere?

I'm sure this is possible, but, I just can't find any information regarding this.

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1 Answer:

You can get a good idea from the page,, on what's available in the community and commercial editions.  For the community editions, you would need to create the reports in Jaspersoft Studio and then deploy them to the server. The domains and ad hoc views that you mention are part of the metadata layer feature.

Hope that helps


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I think I see what is in the different server releases, but, can you point me to where I create data sources, domains, views? What is the "metadata layer feature"? Doesn't Jaspersoft Studio just create the queries/reports?

dwelch - 8 years 8 months ago

domains and views are not available in the community edition. Data sources can be created from the Create > Data Source menu - see the Admin Guide for more information. For community, you can only create reports in JSS and upload them to the server.

elizam - 8 years 8 months ago

Are there no methods to do ad-hoc reporting in the Community edition?

dwelch - 8 years 8 months ago