Ad-Hoc Reporting Relative Dates - Inclusive or Exclusive?

Hello! I have questions around the relative dates in ad-hoc reports with Japsersoft Server.

If I create a filter with:

DAY-1: Does this return records that are from the past 24 hours, throughout the day yesterday, or just items from today?

WEEK-1: Does this return records from the past 7 days starting from the moment the report is run, the last calendar week (and if so, does the calendar run Sun-Sat), or the current week (so if I ran the report on a Monday, this would only include data from Sunday and Monday)?

Same questions for Month and Year - I expect they work the same way.


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Yes .. :) 

AsadHaydar - 8 years 8 months ago

1 Answer:

I have the same questions - can anyone provide an answer to the above that makes sense please? There is multiple questions and yes does not help me understand which ones are yes and which are no



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