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  1. After struggling 3 weeks , I finally got a Solution for my Problem. The Problem was solved by adding a java class to the jasperserver and include that also in the report.. now i'm able to select for example "quarter to Week" or "Last Week" and it will calculate it for me.. the best solution for the Scheduler... If anyone has the same problem and want my solution he can contact me immedialty on my Jasper Account and i will send him the java class with a introduction how to deal with it.. . Asad Haydar
  2. and if i change the type of the field in the jrxml file to java.util.date i get this: http://postimg.org/image/f9j47ymab/
  3. hi ernestoo.. it doesn't work! I'm getting an error msg: http://postimg.org/image/g6yol82pf/
  4. Does anyone has a java class which allows you to use dynamic dates in JasperServer like this class? https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/dynamic-dates-reports thanks in advance!
  5. I've solved the Problem: 1. I have to create a groupe 2. create a variable, Calculation= sum (or drag an drop the field you want to calculate and paste it on the report and select the calculation) 3. on the field go to properties->Advanced: set the Evaluation Time To "Group" and Evaluation to the goupe you want in my case "GroupTitle" that's it!
  6. Hi Guys! I have a TimeReporting Report. This report show me on which projects i have worked and how long i spend on each project. I want to sum the time of each project and show it. The result should be at the Top and not at the Bottom This is how it should look like(this sheet is done in microsoft office tools) http://postimg.org/image/wuziddy7j/ Any Ideas Guys? Thank you!
  7. Thanks hozawa for the answer.. But i'm using the Community Version, what to do ?
  8. Hello everybody.. Does anyone know how to integrate a DateRangePicker in JasperServer? For example like this one: http://www.dangrossman.info/2012/08/20/a-date-range-picker-for-twitter-bootstrap/ (note: in the link you can download the code, but i don't know how to connect that to JasperServer) Thank you!
  9. Is there another method? It doesn't work for me I need something like this: http://oi60.tinypic.com/2nvxv9k.jpg
  10. You can add columns, rows and measures in crosstab properties.
  11. I have a report with Parameters two of them are date parameters (Start Date, End Date) Now, I want to schedule this report in JasperServer and i want, Instead of choosing a date, only write for example "Yesterday, Last Week etc...." How can I do that? I have searched long on the internet and found nothing! I heard i can do that with a java class which convert a string to a date ... but i don't had any experience in java.. :( I'm very confused can someone help me??
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