Visualize.js running across LAN (same subnet)

Hello All,
I have a question about configuring and using visualize.js (under JRS 5.6.1).
While I have no problem running a sample report on either ( or running localhost (, I cannot seem to get the following to work across a LAN without generating an error:
    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
        <title> - demo - </title>
        <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
          <script type="text/javascript">
            function (v){  
               //render report from provided resource 
            v("#container").report(   {  
               }   ); 
            //show error 
            function handleError(err)   {  
      <div id="container"></div>
Depending on the browser, the error that's generated on the client side is as follows:
  • Chrome: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Fn' of undefined (xdm.remote.js:6)
  • Firefox: TypeError: c(...) is undefined (xdm.remote.js:6)
  • IE: Unable to get property 'Fn' of undefined or null reference
The trace for this error appears to point to easyXDM, as indicated here:
xdm.remote.js:5 13:52:52.204 [easyXDM.Rpc] [DEBUG] - constructor
xdm.remote.js:5 13:52:52.206 [EasyXDM.{Private}] [DEBUG] - preparing transport stack
xdm.remote.js:5 13:52:52.206 [EasyXDM.{Private}] [DEBUG] - using parameters from query
xdm.remote.js:5 13:52:52.208 [easyXDM.stack.SameOriginTransport] [DEBUG] - constructor
xdm.remote.js:5 13:52:52.208 [easyXDM.stack.QueueBehavior] [DEBUG] - constructor
xdm.remote.js:5 13:52:52.210 [easyXDM.stack.RpcBehavior] [DEBUG] - init
xdm.remote.js:5 13:52:52.211 [easyXDM.stack.SameOriginTransport] [DEBUG] - init
Logs for both tomcat6 and jaspersoft don't provide any additional clues (not surprising, given that it appears that this issue is on the client side and not on the server side). 
I'm at a loss, as straight HTML page rendering through the tomcat webserver runs with no problems. However, any attempt to run a JRS report through visualize.js libs will fail as indicated.
My question is this:
  • My testing is currently within a LAN, so both of the Tomcat/JRS services and web clients are all running on the same subnet. Does this present any known issues (security or otherwise) that would cause the failure on the client side?
If this shouldn't be an issue (and someone has managed to do what I've described successfully), are there any other approaches that might help drive a solution?
Thanks much
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1 Answer:

I just repro'd this under Jasperserver 6.0, and the issue of a TypeError in 'Fn' of undefined (xdm.remote.js:6) appears to have been resolved.

I suspect this was a js library component that was rev'd with the new release of the JRS.

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