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I have used Jaspersoft Studio to create a HTML5 Chart.   In my database i have a date field.   How do you set a filter control so that when someone runs a report they can select a date range so select data?   Same process as when you have originally created a report in Ad-hoc and added between filter that you can then select.   As I created this report directly in Studio I do not know how to do this.  Any help greatly appreciated.

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if I've got your requirements correctly, you should add 2 parameters to the report to filter data as described in the article below:

Then, when you publish the report to a JasperReports Server, input controls will be automatically generated to filter the report data

asimkin - 8 years 11 months ago

Thank you very much this worked.   Although I had to change class to java.sql.Timestamp

Much appreciated.

Only problem i have now is that i have calculated fields done in the server but they do not show up in Studio.



chorsell_1 - 8 years 11 months ago

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