Report design not valid When creating a report based on Report Template

Hello all, Im trying to create a Jasper Report on JAsperReport Server based on a Report template that i have created in JasperSoft Studio.
In jasperSoft Studio i have created a Jasper Report Template, all passed fine and i got the gratulations wizard from JAsperSoft Studio which indicate that my report template has been created successfully.
Well, I have uploaded the .JRXML file for my report template under /public/Templates, then i hit 'create report', then i choose to create my report based on a report template and i choose my template, in the final step, i got the following error (as shown in the below picture):

The server has encountered an error. Please excuse the inconvenience.
Error Message

Report design not valid : 1. Warning : Element bottom reaches outside band area : y=5 height=330 band-height=25

Maybe someone will say to refine the design of my report in jasperSoft Studio, but be sure that I've tried all the possibilities ... Can anyone here help me please ...
Thanks in advance, Regards.

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I think is quite clear: Element bottom reaches outside band area : y=5 height=330 band-height=25

There is the problem

mlopez_1 - 8 years 7 months ago

I know, but i didn't found any element which has the y=5 and his height = 330 and located under a band of height=25 !!!!!

BinaryMan - 8 years 7 months ago

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