Really tricky (impossible) query

Please help. I have a report to do and Im hopless.

I have this table setup.

I need a grid or table with empirica_score as the rows   (DISTINCT)
and mfin_score as the columns.   (DISTINCT)    e.g.

Thats the grid done.

But then I need to  divide the total paysoft_result records per customer
with the total NAEDO records per customer where start_date is DISTINCT

times * 100 to get percentage

This calculated value needs to be placed on the grid in the correct emprica_score mfin_score location on the grid.

Man I dont even know how or where to start



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2 Answers:

you did consider the crosstab element, right? It can do all this for you!

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Both the table header row group and table header column group of your cross table consist of intervals. The measurement comes from another table. It’s rather difficult to design such a cross table only using SQL+Jasper. Yet esProc can be used in this case to get data prepared for helping Jasper design the report. The esProc solution is as follows:



A4=>=A3(1) && mfin_score>=B3(1)).group(



       (accounts=~, paysoft_result.count(accounts.(account_no).pselect(~==custno)) /


Jasper can connect to esProc through JDBC, and calls the esProc script in the same way as that it calls the stored procedure. For details, see .

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