How to use ResourcesSearch


I would like to know if someone could send me a complete example of use of the ResourcesSearch instruction with the 'new' declaration.

in the Server programming Guide there is an example but I can't reproduce this sample. I still have message that ResourcesSearch is not recognize. And from my point of view there is one more parenthesis.

new ResourcesSearch({
folderUri: "/public",
recursive: false
// results here



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2 Answers:

I am also running into this problem.

In section 3.3 of the JasperReports Server Programming guide they introduce the ResourcesSearch object, but that doesn't seem to be defined as part of the standard library we imported from visualize.js.... I'm assuming there is another JS file we should import, but I am having problems finding documentation on this.

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A working example as of the release is within the first two minutes of video number 4 here -  

Does that help?

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Ok, thank you! That helps a lot... that video shows a different way of doing it from the Server Programming guide. I guess the guide is out of date... either way, using the way mentioned in the video now. Thanks!

jason.whitehorn - 7 years 11 months ago