jasperreports 5.6 and Hibernate 4 - NoSuchFieldError: BOOLEAN


I'm trying to compile my web app with report created in designer as *.jrxml file, using hibernate connection, but I'm occuring an error - NoSuchFieldError: BOOLEAN.

I found sth like this - there is my problem described - http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/536345/jasperreports-376-and-h... but it's about version 3.7 of jasperreports and I don't want to recompile jasperreports source files, cause I'm warried if someone of my teammates won't upgrade libraries once in the future...

How is it possible that if class BOOLEAN is not up since Hibernate 3.6 version, we have that issue still in newest version of jasperreports?

Maybe someone have a solution? I will be very thankfull.

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