OLAP View: XML/A with SSAS

I am trying to connect to a Cube made in SQL Service Analysis Services.  I have configured an XML/A connection in JasperServer, and when I choose 'Test Connection', the server indicates that the 'Connection passed'.  Everything looks good with the connection itself at this point.

However, when I actually try to create a new OLAP View using that connection, I run in to an error:

com.tonbeller.jpivot.olap.model.OlapException: Malformed data source given for determining XML/A provider

Digging around the source a bit, I suspect I am running afoul of this segment of code in XMLA_Soap.java:

String upperDSString = dataSourceString.toUpperCase();
    if (!upperDSString.startsWith("PROVIDER=")) {
        throw new OlapException("Malformed data source given for determining XML/A provider");

However, attempting to specify the provider as SqlServer (e.g., putting "Provider=MS;DataSource=REDACTED;" or "Provider=MICROSOFT;DataSource=REDACTED;" in the Data Source field), just results in a new error:

org.olap4j.OlapException: No datasource could be found.

Any insights on what it is I'm missing here to make this work?


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Recently, a large number of XML documents are available on the Internet. This trend motivated many researchers to analyze them multi-dimensionally in the same way as relational data. In this paper, we propose a new framework for multidimensional analysis of XML documents, which we call XML-OLAP. We base XML-OLAP on XML warehouses where every fact data as well as dimension data are stored as XML documents. We build XML cubes from XML warehouses. We propose a new multidimensional expression language for XML cubes, which we call XML-MDX. XML-MDX statements target XML cubes and use XQuery expressions to designate the measure data. They specify text mining operators for aggregating text constituting the measure data. We evaluate XML-OLAP by applying it to a U.S. patent XML warehouse. We use XML-MDX queries, which demonstrate that XML-OLAP is effective for multi-dimensionally analyzing the U.S. patents.

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