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  1. Hello I was also facing the same issue. The error is due to a missing or improperly defined method supportsGetFieldsOperation in the com.jda.reporting.jss.plugin.JdaMocaConnectionDescriptor class. This indicates a compatibility issue between the JDA MOCA Mulesoft Connection adapter and the version of Jaspersoft Studio or JasperReports you are using. Ensure compatibility, update libraries, and check method implementation. Refer to their documentation or contact support . Hope it helps you.
  2. Hello Jaspersoft itself is free to use, including deployment on RHEL. However, you may have to consider costs related to server infrastructure and any RHEL licenses if you choose the commercial version.
  3. Hello To fix the issue, ensure that the data source string in the XML/A connection is correctly formatted with "Provider=MSOLAP;" or "Provider=MSOLAP.8;". Double-check server, database, and credentials details. Thank you.
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