Ad Hoc chart axis labels overlapping / unreadable

I am creating an Ad Hoc line chart and the axis labels at the bottom are overlapping each other making the chart as good as useless.

What can I do to stop this happening. Can I get all the labels to rotate as the time do in the screenshot below?


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1 Answer:

From section in the PDF of the  User Guide "Rotating Label Text"

To rotate label text:
1. In the Ad Hoc View panel, click the icon to show the Canvas Options menu.
2. Select Chart Format... from the menu. The Chart Format window is displayed.
3. In the Degrees to rotate X axis labels entry box, enter the rotation angle to apply to the
labels along the X axis. For instance:
• To rotate labels clockwise 90 degrees, enter 90.
• To rotate labels counter-clockwise 90 degrees, enter -90.
• To rotate labels clockwise 45 degrees, enter 45, and so on.
I beleive this was implemented in 5.5, so if you are on an earlier version, it may not be available.
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Unfortunately this setting only seems to apply to the topmost label.

As per the screenshot, the topmost labels showing the time values are rotated. However the labels lower down the x axis do not rotate in the same fashion.

richard.cutts - 9 years 6 months ago

I'm sorry, I should have been able to see that from the screen shot. There is no way in JasperReports Server to rotate the lower levels of the labels. It may be possible to do in JasperSoft Studio, which gives more access to the HighCharts options. However, this would not be a feature we formally test and support. In addition, editing an Ad Hoc view in JSS can be tricky.

elizam - 9 years 6 months ago