Dashboard Hyperlinking to detailed reports in same dashboard not working for HTML5 chart reports ?



The dashboars in Jasper are formed by iframes in the dashboard panel. So if you want to target a specific dashboard in that panel from a report execution hyperlink you can do that changing the Target in the hyperlink of the first report to match the dahboard iframe that you need to change. And also pass to the second report a parameter called viewAsDashboardFrame with a value of "true" so the Jasper UI is not rendered inside the dashlet.


Now my problem is if I use Charts - pro elements then the drill down report are opening as targetted by hyperlinkTarget , where as in HTML5 charts elements hyperlinkTarget is only working fine for pre defined values like Self , Blank , Parent and Top not for what we target like iframe sections as we did in Charts - Pro .


Thank you for any help.

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