Combining results of multiple queries into a single report

My company is new to jasper reports and I'm trying to create what I believe to be a relatively simple report but I'd like to know the best way to approach this. I've created a relatively simple query to return sales for the current year by account.


Account Name YTD Sales
Account A 1,234
Account B 3,456
Account C 789

Now I want to add another column for Last Year's Sales. It's simple enough to build the query, but how do I now add this as a column?

- Create a subreport for Last Year's Sales with Account as a parameter and Sales as a return variable?

- Similar to the above, but using a subdataset?

Obviously, I can do this using a complex SQL statement but I don't feel like that's the best way. (Also, I plan to add some other columns to this report that may not be so easy to do by extending a complex sql query).

Thanks for any help. I have found the documentation and Online Learning Portal to be a bit lacking for anything but the basics, so if there's any resurces out there for dealing with more complex reports that would be greatly appreciated as well.


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1 Answer:

As you stated, there is more than one way to accomplish adding the additional query. For what you want, I would use a subreport.

Have you seen the online Jaspersoft Studio tutorials? We are adding more of them all the time, not just for product releases. In addition, if you write one (or need one) there is a link to send the team email about it. We'd love help getting more up there!


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