Domain versus OLAP cube: what are the pros and cons?

I have been working with JasperServer Pro and domains for over 5 years now, and recently delved into OLAP cubes with the Jasper OLAP Workbench.
Both are used as input for the Ad Hoc editor, and my question is this: what arguments apply for choosing domains over cubes, or vica versa ?
What are the pros and cons of both ?

The process of creating is different, I get that, but beyond that, I don't see any big differences.

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Hi there -

My thoughts: From the Ad Hoc Editor, the analysis is approached the same, although for the OLAP Connection you might have noticed that the Table view isn't there since the point of working with cubes is analytical, usually.  The Domains leverage a relational database, while a cube interfaces with a data warehouse, which is read-only due to size and typically denormalized (again, due to size).  For cubes, it is also customary to do your anaysis via OLAP Views, which can be created on the server.  But, yes, you can also connect from the Ad Hoc Editor and there is also an Excel plug-in that can used to browse the cube.  Cubes are normally created to perform multi-demensional analysis, which is more difficult to do with Domains.  Possible, but probably more difficult.      


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