JasperSoft Studio on Ubuntu 13.10 Use eclipse plugin

So, after going round and round with Java settings and all kinds of ridiculousness I decided to try the Eclipse plugin route for JasperSoft Studio.  So far this is working great.

I'm using Kubuntu 13.10 and whenever I tried to run Studio 5.5 standalone I would get java errors with no startup or it would run a little while and then crash. I tried lot's of fixes but then installed Studio through the Eclipse marketplace.  This along with the Toad Database manager plugin has been a terrific experience.  I've only worked on a couple of reports so far and may add more later but I had no crashes and I think it works faster than iReport.  Plus you get more of the full Eclipse experience.

BTW: this is Eclipse Keplar and jdk1.7.

Just an FYI that will hopefully help someone else not spend time pulling their hair out.


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