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  1. So, after going round and round with Java settings and all kinds of ridiculousness I decided to try the Eclipse plugin route for JasperSoft Studio. So far this is working great. I'm using Kubuntu 13.10 and whenever I tried to run Studio 5.5 standalone I would get java errors with no startup or it would run a little while and then crash. I tried lot's of fixes but then installed Studio through the Eclipse marketplace. This along with the Toad Database manager plugin has been a terrific experience. I've only worked on a couple of reports so far and may add more later but I had no crashes and I think it works faster than iReport. Plus you get more of the full Eclipse experience. BTW: this is Eclipse Keplar and jdk1.7. Just an FYI that will hopefully help someone else not spend time pulling their hair out. Jerry
  2. Turns out it was the security settings that were implemented in JasperServer 4.5 http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/jaspersoft-450-security-changes-and-configuration#Editing_Input_Validation_Rules
  3. Hi, I'm actually battling this whole calling a MYSQL stored procedure thing. I see suggestions to make a JNDI service that then calls the MySQL db but I'm having a hard time finding exactly how to create the JNDI service. In terms of the MySQL SP it does only accept input parameters and returns a sql query. I've also tried using $P! for string parameters the others are dates. It works fine in iReport but when run agains the jasper server (v4.7) I get back the wonderfully cryptic "there's a problem contact your administrator" I'd love to but I'm the administrator :). Attached is the jrxml Any ideas? Thanks, Jerry
  4. Look into separate data sets. You can bind subreports to individual datasets that can then even have their own connection strings. Right click on your report name and it's a choice there. They are very handy devices.
  5. Look into building seperate datasets. In the Report Inspector right click on the name of the report. Then you drop the crosstabs into the summary section. Resize to fit. Works great.
  6. So, I guess my question comes down to, how do I pass a collection as a parameter to a subreport. I think that's what's missing in terms of the index out of range error. It's getting nothing for the IN statement.
  7. Lucian, So your comment that OpptTypeSelect being in the IN statement did make the report funciton but it is not respecting the parameter, so my subreport isn't filtering the way I would expect. I've got some more trouble shooting options but thought I'd pass this on.
  8. I notice near the end of the error output there is this but I'm not sure what it's referring to: Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Parameter index out of range (6 > number of parameters, which is 5). I mean I guess it's saying I'm only sending it 5 parameters and it's expecting 6. But all parameters are filled with values since the main report runs fine without the subreport. Hm, I may change tack here and try storing the parameters in fields. That's what I've done in the past and seems to work. Just seems like an unnecessary step.
  9. I've only ever been able to get crosstabs to work in the Summary tab. Try it there. I've built dashboards using several datasets and dropping crosstabs into the summary section.
  10. Yeah, unless they are number types you will only be presented with the option to count. If the fields are number type then when you drag the field over iReport will give you the option of sum in the drop down.
  11. I see what you're saying about the $P but in that context it is the subreport and I'm trying to retrieve the parameter value that was entered into the main report. Not sure how else to retrieve those values. In past subreports I think I've used the field data from the main report but this parameter data isn't saved in any fields on the report. I suppose could make them hidden fields if I need to use it that way. Thanks for the response.
  12. I wish I had more time to really spell this out but I think I can give you pointers to look in the right direction. The parameter is of class Collection with a default value of %. My report query has this: WHERE $X{IN, vw_TimeTracker_Oppt.`OppType`, OpptTypeSelect}Then on the jasperserver I make two controls, one is of type query that defines the holds your actual database query: For example there's this one that shows me all but a few that I don't want to have in a selection. SELECT DISTINCT opportunity_type FROM sugarcrm_prod.`opportunities` WHERE NOT ISNull(opportunity_type) AND opportunity_type NOT IN('Existing Business','New Business','Program','Series','Single') ORDER BY opportunity_type Then you create another control where the type is something like Multi-select query (check box or radio button) then select the query control for the query resource. On the value and visible columns I select the opportunity type from the above query. So, I think that adds info on how to present end users with a choice as well as how to limit your return values. I guess I did have time to explain it :) Jerry
  13. Nope I was wrong. I guess I didn't refresh the data. After closing iReport and retrying the report I get the same problem as above. Still need help on why this isn't working when trying to pass prompted paramters to a subreport. Thanks, Jerry
  14. Oh, looks like it was because I hadn't compiled the subreport on its own yet. I usually do that. I just got cocky this time. whoops.
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