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I´m relative new to jaspersoft, but I already encountered serious issues, one of them is the thing with the pagenumber on singlepage documents.

But let this out here, what I need is a possibility to add images in three spaces of the header.

If the spaces are full, the next image should go on on the next page.


I have a Field, called "artikelcode", wich number of occurences is variable,

the image is added in Form of its Name (wich is the artikelcode), so the Expression of the image is -> $P{ImageURL} + $F{artikelcode} + ".png")


So far, so good!


Sometimes the artikelcode is not a matching number, so no image get selected. Instead of this, the next artikelcode should be tested if its matching to a  image. 

And the thing with the new site... if there are three images filled, a completely new page should start!!!

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What version of JSS are you using? Also, could you please attach your jrxml?


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Im using version 5.1.0, I´ve got it working with a subreport, now I only have some kind of "bug" left (I´m shure its my fault, but wtf...) The Sub looks perfect, three dynamic images in one row, but in my main report it freaks out and bursts over all margins -.-

holoyoitsu - 6 years 6 months ago