How to get water mark background image every page


Hi friend my this scenario, I want to get as a pdf page like employee profile or Resume. In that profile page has contain many categories. First category employee's photo, name,overall experience. second one employee's competency details, third one employee's experience details, fourth one employee's education details and finally awards details. For these details my pdf page will extent two or three pages.

So i want get every page the same water mark background image. what will do please help me. i have attached sample image for that pdf page.

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for placing a watermark in the backgrough what you can do is:

1. Click on the node called 'Background'   found in the report inspector of the report

2. Then put some value of  height  of the band found in the properties of the band.

3. Then from the pallete drag and drop the 'Image'  element in the background field/

4; You will see a file browser as the pop up here you could browse your background watermark file,

4. Then you can see the image in the background section 

5.  For the image you can set normal properties like Scaling, Alignment etc.


Hopw that this helps.


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