[RESOLVED] Truncated Adhoc Crosstab in Word export

Hi, I tried to export an adhoc crosstab, but there's no way for me to have the whole tab in word document. How can I set something in JS to fix it ? You can see an example in the word doc I attached. Thanks for your help

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2 Answers:

Hi there - 

I was able to quicky resize the document and have the table display correctly.  Also, you might be able to leverage the configuration reference so that you get the format you want, see http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/config.reference.html.  Once in the Web page, scroll down to the Report Export section and see if there is anything listed that might help you.  You can set these configurations from the Properties menu of the report.  

Let us know if that helps.

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Thank for your quick answer ... the point is that I try to find a way to do it without Ireport, because the front user don't have it when he compose a report on his own. But I see you was able to resize it ... even in Word ? So I guess I need more help from Word support because I was unable to do it myself :-(
By the way, maybe I can set one of this option directy in one of server file properties ... just have to find the right one now. If I find it I tell you.
Thank you.

Boris Gisselere - 9 years 3 months ago

Ok I did it in Word !

Just telling him to display in Web style instead of Page ... I will sell this to my fron user for now ...

Thank you

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