Using JasperReports Server as SOAP Web Service Limitations

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I am using JasperReports server and I am using The SOAP Web Service to connect from application. I was able to request a report via runReport method and I am using it in HTML format which I parse and directly embed in my web page. I noticed some limitations. First the links "view" which I guess are sub-reports are not links anymore when I get the report in html format. So my question is about using sub-reports via the SOAP Web Service. Is it possible and how if yes? Also are there any well-known limitations when repots are used this way. I guess that I cannot use dynamic data manipulation like sorting, hiding columns and filtering as it is possible when viewing the report directly from the jasper reports web app?

I am really new at this and will appreciate your help.



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The Web Services Guide says that: "The SOAP interface is no longer supported nor maintained, but it is still included in JasperReports Server for backwards compatibility. The SOAP API may be removed in future versions of the server."

The future is RESTv2.  If I were starting new with JasperReports Web Services, I'd be looking at RESTv2. You can use it with too: Look Here (

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