Jasper Server - Missing Resource Exception

We are using customized Jasper Server 4.5. All of a sudden report stopped working and were throwing following error.
"java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name "Actaul Name ", locale en_US" Error.
We restarted tomcat server and again report/application started working. Why would  it happen?
We observed that on the incident day, file system on the production box was full due to log files and we cleared the same. Is it related  to error which we got ?
Is Jasper server stores the "resource bundle" from repository on the local file system while running reports? 

Has anybody faced similar issue in production ? Any help is appreciated.

Vivek Joshi



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1 Answer:

The Filesystem Full problem seems like a likely culprit, since you cleared it, did a restart, and things then worked fine.  JasperReports Server stores things in its Repository (PostgreSQL), XML files, etc, all on its localhost, unless you've done something explicitly different, like use a separate DB Server.  So, a 'file system full'  situation could cause lots of various problems depending on exactly when the file system started reporting full and where in the processing the JasperReports Server was.

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