cannot change jasper ireport properties - want to use


Want to use

So I go to iReport.Extras.Options.Jasperreports Properties, search for the entry above and change it to

Well the value is always restored back to the Jaxen version. Why?

( Funny is when I set the value "blabla", it is taken and stored and viewed when opened again, but not with a XalanXpathExecuterFactory )


(My ultimate goal is use iReport with both XML Datasource and XPath to be namespace aware, user narcism is explaining in post #7 (here) that the above default, Jaxen version, is not namespace aware)

Tnx in advance.

(using iReport 5.5.0)

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Well, I finally have completely deinstalled the Netbeans Version of iReport (5.5.0) and it's saved settings too.

Then I installed the windows version of JasperSoft Studio, the eclipse based equivallent.

Now create a Data Adapter, enable the checkbox, "Enable namespace support" to true, test it.

Then in the Dataset and Query Dialog select the above created Data Adapter again. take the xPath selector, you should then see your namespaced aware XML tree showing up. You can now create Fields with namespaced xPath expressions.

New is that the Data Preview is now working too.


The reason that it works in the Eclipse Based Version is that the xPath and XML Properties are properly set (even by default), where the Netbeans Version is not, therefore I wanted to change those properties above, which landed in the problem by doing so.

Hopefully usefull  for everyone

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