js-export js-import results in duplicate directories on jasperserver

I export my reports on one server:

js-export.sh --uris /Reports/NP --output-dir myExport

I import this directory on another server;

js-import.sh --input-dir /home/alain/Documents/myExport --update

My problem is that several directories in my jasperserver now exist twice: the import apparantly created a new directory Data Sources, Queries and Reports instead of just adding the subdir NP in each of these as was the case on the server I exported.

The strange thing is that for Input Controls it worked fine as expected, it just created a subdir there called NP that contains the input controls needed for my NP reports.

Any suggestions? All help is greatly appreciated.

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2 Answers:

So I assume that there are a number or reports and other types of resources in the NP folder. 

The way that the export works is that for each report that is found in the folder, all required/referenced resources (such as datasources and input controls) are also included in the export. So, depending on what is used by a specific report it is possible to get additional resources in additional folders that you didn't think you would get. However, these additional resources are included because the report depends on them and the report cannot run properly without these additional resources. 

One thing you can do to get an idea of what might be going on it to unzip the export zip file. All resources information is stored in an xml format and the folder structure is reproduced in the unpacked resources folder. For instance, an image file is stored as an xml describing the file, it's label, etc and the acutual image is stored as a .data file with the same name as the image. 



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Found the problem by reviewing the xml-files.

The default folders that were created automaticaly by the installation on the 2 servers have different uri but same names:

- queries vs Querys

- reports vs Reports


The result is that it appears all directories exist 2 times (different uri but same name).

The only explanation is that a different version ofthe installation file was used on the 2 servers...



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