Possibility of What-If Analysis?


Hi all,

I'm quite new to BI-Solutions and trying to get an overview of the functionalities especially of the open-source software. I did search for the possibility to make what-if analysis or simulating different scenarios within a dashboard or other analysis tool, where you have some sliders, controls, or you can even type in data. Is such thing possible with the open-source version?

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As I developed some dashboard in jasperreports server, my experiance is the dashboard in jaspersoft having not that much dynamic, it just a multiple reports arrange in a single frame with some additional funtionality.

But what I am expecting from dashboard is, it should useful for realtime analysis like what if analysis , dynamic linking within same dashboard so that end user able to analyze current data as well as predictive analysis based on different parameters within dashbaord.

Let me know if you find solution or you can raise this issue on tracker for enhancement request, So that next releases may fixed this feature in dashboard.



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