excel file size issue generated from jasperreports


I am using jasperreports for genereating the excel files.

All things are going well and files are generated properly.

bu main issue is arising with the file sizes that are generated.

File size is almost 35 MB, but when we copy the same data in another file then file size is almost 8 mb.

I tried JExcelAPi, POI, Aspose but result is same.

Please help to solve this problem.

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I am not sure about this but i think when you export it with xls then it may gives 35 mb.

Try to export with xlsx so may be it reduces file size.

As I am not sure  this please let me know about your solution.



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thanks for the reply Ajinkya,
but i try xlsx format also.
problem is still there..

akhil.jain - 6 years 11 months ago