The requested resource (/jasperserver/home.html) is not available


I have (well had) a running installation of Jasper 4.0.0 which, after a server crash, stopped working, we faced a DB connection issue that once solved just gave another problem, when I try to access http://myserver:8080/jasperserver I'm greeted with a nice 404 error page stating that the home.html file is not available: 

I've searched the file but no trace of it on the server or on the old backups, checking the logs all is clean and cannot spot any error... I've read similar posts in this forum but nothing that could really help me sovle the issue, please keep in mind my knowledge of Jasper and tomcat is pretty low so chances are i've overlooked something so I would highly appreciate any guidance here.

If there is any info or log that I can attach to better illustrate the issue let me know.


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2 Answers:

Check the Tomcat log at <js-install>/apache-tomcat/logs/catalina.out, it should contain detailed information about why the JasperServer web application failed to deploy.  These messages usually mean that the application isn't running. The Tomcat log may give you a clue.  It looks like you took a hit to your file system from the crash?  If so, you could have a corrupted or missing configuration file. This might explain why you lost the DB connection.


Same sort of thing.  I you have backups, try comparing the different configuration file areas to see what might be missing or corrupted.


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Thanks for your reply, unfortunately the crash (well actually more a freeze of the system) did not touch the FS as no fsck was forced or nothing notable happened there, at least according to OS logs, I've already checked the catalina.out but nothing of help is in there, no error messages or clues on why i'm gettting the message, I will double check anyhow.

Actuall Jasper web app is running as if I check in Tomcat manager I can see it up and running so don't think that is an issue, funny thing is I've already restored from a previous backup and performed a diff between the vairous files and nothing seems to be changed or missing.

As I can't really see a way out of it I was wondering if one of the following would help solving the issue :

- Upgrade to a more recent version of Jasper (assuming I'm able to complete as last time got weird errors)

- Export existing report definitions and import on a freshly installed Jasper, is this something possible? Are the query used to build the report stored somewhere?

Thanks again for all the help!

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Did you ever resolve this issue?

rang90 - 9 years 4 months ago