jasperadmin user is unable to log in after configuring LDAP

Hey Guys,


   Before setting LDAP on jasper server 5.2 community edition, user jasperadmin was working fine, I could login and do whatever i want. Now that LDAP is setup, im unable to login as jasperadmin.


   One of the LDAP users has an LDAP group that maps to ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR, that user logged to jasper and all his LDAP groups were imported to jasper server.


  does jasper 5.2 CE allow multiple users to have ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR. I scimmed the admin guide and authentication cook book, didnt see anything that alluded to the idea that jasper disallows having 2 ROLE_ADMINISTRAOR users for the same organization.


 also, dao authentication provider is still enabled, jasperadmin user is also enabled.


any help is really appreciated.



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3 Answers:

Can you login as any of the LDAP users?

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djohnson53 - 9 years 7 months ago

Thanks djohnson, but it turns out this is caused by the fact that someone changed jasperadmin password without informing me angry


ah well, live and learn.

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I had a problem when doing the update from version 5.1 to 5.2.
When the LDAP user login he had lost the permission of ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR that had been given manually.
Follow the link to report the problem in version 5.2 and how to work around the problem:



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