NULL is presented to compile a report

Hello! When compiling a report in i-Report is presented a message ! NULL and locks the i-Report.
I use Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS and iReport-5.0.4
Attached is the picture of the problem.
Can anyone help me?
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5 Answers:


Take a look into the ide-protocoll (can be reached by the menu action) there is probably a problem with your ajusted compiler...



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I'm have the same problem here, using Ireport 4.0.2 and the same ubuntu version. I got the latest version of Ireport and the problem persists.

Please let me know if you solve it.

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i was having the same problem using ubuntu 12.04 and ireport 3.7.6, ireport 4.6.0 and 5.0.1. I finally solve the problem by forcing java version to be OpenJDK 7.

I Changed the default Java, and javac version used on Ubuntu by doing:

java : sudo /usr/sbin/update-alternatives --config java

java compiler : sudo /usr/sbin/update-alternatives --config javac

java web start : sudo /usr/sbin/update-alternatives --config javaws

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It worked for me using Ubuntu 13.04
Unfortunately, because I must use oracle-jdk-6 on my environment

amsoares - 8 years 5 months ago

I faced the same problem. But I realized that my "javac" version was pointing to open-jdk 1.7, and my "java" pointing to oracle-jdk 1.6.

After the change to open-jdk1.7 (java and javac), I changed back to oracle-jdk1.6(java and javac) for testing purposes, and now still working with oracle-jdk 1.6.0_45


That's it.

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For me it was enough to configure jdk7 only with iReport using "jdkhome" option in ireport.conf.

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