In Schema: Attribute 'name' is unset and has no default value.


First, I'm working in community edition.

I'd like to create an OLAP Cube.

I have this Olap Schema :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<fileResource dataFile="">
    <description>Tube Analysis Schema</description>

As you can see this file references :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Schema name="TubeSchema" defaultRole="" >
    <Cube name="Tube">
        <Table name="TUBE" />
        <Dimension name="Tube Model">
            <Hierarchy hasAll="false" allMemberName="All Tube Models" primaryKey="ID">
                <Table name="TUBE_MODEL" />
                <Level name="Createur"     column="CREATED_BY"  uniqueMembers="true" />
                <Level name="Modificateur" column="MODIFIED_BY" uniqueMembers="false" />
        <Dimension name="Sample">
            <Hierarchy hasAll="false" allMemberName="All samples" primaryKey="ID">
                <Table name="SAMPLE" />
                <Level name="Nom"      column="NAME"       uniqueMembers="false" />
                <Level name="Createur" column="CREATED_BY" uniqueMembers="false" />
        <Measure name="Quantite" column="QUANTITY"  aggregator="count" formatString="#,##0"/>
        <Measure name="Volume"   column="VOLUME_UL" aggregator="sum"   formatString="#,###.00"/>

With this cube I want to create a MDX query. Imagine we have for example this request :

SELECT {[Measures].[Volume], [Measures].[Quantite]} ON COLUMNS,
       {[Tube Model].[ALL Tube Models],[Sample].[ALL samples]} ON ROWSFrom [Tube]

(Any query will be good, it 's just to have a result. I will create my real query after)

When I create an analysis view, Jasper tell me that about my MDX query :

In Schema: Attribute 'name' is unset and has no default value.

I think my schema is bad but I don't see where...

Please, can you help me.

Thanks to all.

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