Overlapping Crosstab

I need to create a report with three different crosstab in it. The first crosstab get data from a dataset the other two get data from a different dataset.

The three crosstab are placed in "Summary" section of my report.
When I preview it my crosstab are compiled correctly but looks overlapped!
I tried to insert a page break but still overlap.

I can't create additional summary section for each one and in detail section crosstab doesn't work.

How I can manage to have the three crosstab printed on separated page?



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Hello frds,
Iam new @jasper Report.....i have one requirement ,,,iam enable to get any blog for this so plz help meeeeeee

My requirment is .......i want to do SubTotal for more than 2 rows .So iam unable to get this .Soooo plz help and send step how to do this...

Plz check below attached Excel File like tht i want output............Iam waiting for Your Reply.



Gopal Reddy

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1 Answer:

Try setting positionType="Float" for the crosstabs.



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@lucianc: I've a similar problem. I've used positionType="Float" but to no avail.
Here is the link to my question. http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/817904/multiple-crosstabs-over...

kiranpvsr - 10 years 1 month ago