How to add new chart type.




My customer required a new chart type in the raport :

This one currently is not supported I looking for best way to add the new chart, i looking for some hints or maybe you have any information about coding effort. The jasper report is designed by iReport 5.x and the DB source is XML file.

The  report is generated to HTML format but can be exported to PDF.,


Thank you!

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1 Answer:

I cannot see, why the example above should be a new chart type? Is it because of the background image?

If you do not have very much time, I would disadvice from implementing extension to the core engine...

Cheers, Thomas

P.S.: for your convenience, I added a sample report based on the sample database in iReport with chart and background. Use that as a subrpoert. What you have to do is to light up the background image.

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