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I am new to iReport Designer and currently running version 5.1.0.  I have changed the default font name ( under the JasperReports Properties tab to DejaVu Sans Mono, however when I add a new field to any band on a report (new or existing), the field is always set to SanSerif.  I am also using Jaspersoft Studio embedded in Eclipse with the same problem.

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3 Answers:

if you don't specify any concrete settings to your text field, its setting shows another font than you set in the jasperreports properties, but if you look at the xml code, you will see, that no font is really attached to the text field (besides you selected one).

I assume, this way setting a default font is deprecated, it doesn't work for me, too. Use a style instead and set the "Default" flag.

Cheers, Thomas

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Yes, with JSS you want to use a style and set the Default to the font you want. I don't know if the other method is deprecated in iReport or not, but using a Default style will work.




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Thank you both, especially for the quick answer!  That works perfectly in iReport Designer, even on fields that previously showed up as SanSerif.

FYI: In Jaspersoft Studio (5.1.0), new fields still show up as SanSerif, but if I open the file in iReport Designer they use the default style.


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