how to set the chat data of the stacked bar?

I am trying to learning how to creat a stacked bar chart in ireport 5.0.1.

I'm confused about the the setting of  Category series.

dose someone have the step by step guide?

Thanks in advance.



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1 Answer:

Hi yuaner86,

     I suppose that you know that you need a seperate dataset for the chart. Now I  am including a screencshot of the chart details and also have taken a little example of the data just for demonstration , I just had two type of category so no real type of stacked chart can be seen. Next the description of each of the value asked in the chart details sections are:

1. Series Expression - This the required value and you have to put the expression which demarcates the group or basically the category expression for now I have shown that with orange underline in the demo chart which I have displayed

2. Category Expression - This is a required value which displays the category of the data and in the sample chart I have displayed it with green line

3. Value Expression - This is a required expression which determines the value of the particular category basically the count of data in particular group,which is shown by the height of the bar.

4. Label Expression - This is the optional one which could be utilized in hyperlinking.

Hope that this mighht help



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Just a question!!
Why it looks exactly the same as bar chart?
I mean it should display block by block in on bar.

Sakura Hana - 9 years 10 months ago