Jaspersoft Server pro : How to create a report online from a domain without selecting an Ad Hoc View?


I'm downloading JasperReports Server pro 5, install it.
Everything's ok.
First, I create a datasource, the link is ok. Then I create a domain.
And finally I want to create a report from scratch but the only thing I can do is selecting an Ad Hoc View as the image below.
Select an Ad Hoc View
I want to create a report from scratch, not to select an Ad Hoc View.
Could you tell me how to do it or what I do wrong ?
Thank you.
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1 Answer:

Hi Thierry,

You must have an ad hoc view to create a report.

The purpose of the ad hoc view is to put your data into the general format that you want. An Ad Hoc view can be a table, chart, or crosstab and you can apply fitlers to your data.

Once you save the ad hoc view, you can create multiple reports from just this one view. Once you've used the ad hoc view to create a report, you can begin to visually format the report any way you want.

I hope this helps.

 Anna Leeg
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