Summary Listing of Scheduled Reports

Is there any sort of job or function in JasperServer that will allow an Administrator to see ALL scheduled reports - where they are set up to go, when, recurrence pattern, with what parameters, etc.? 

If not (as I haven't seen anything), has anyone successfully written a report capturing all this information? 

Any information is much appreciated!

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1 Answer:

Look at the web services guide - the new rest_v2/jobs APi looks good - since it's an XML response you can use JasperServer to run the report on itself, having a sub-report for each job to get the details from the rest_v2/job service (passing job id)

I have an example building such a report here: - the only thing you have to figure out is how our API works which I didn't have time to do here. Hope that takes you down the right path - sorry it's not a complete answer with sample...feel free to share a solution if you find one!

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