iReport, return user defined variable from sub report?


I have made the variable in ym subreport and need this variable to be returned to the calling report.
In the calling report, I click on the subreport element and go to the section where I can choose return values for the subreport, and all I can do is only return predfined parameters such as Pahe Number, Coulm Count etc.

Is there a work around, or am I not doing this properly?

Cheers Guys!

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1 Answer:

Hi Blake,

So your parent report should have a system variable to return the subreport value to. Make sure it's calculation is system. Then in subreport return values you need to declare a pair

report_var = subreport_var

you need to type in the subreport_var name manually, since the parent report in not loading suberport object.

Good luck reporting and subreporting!


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