JasperReports Server Drill Down and Show Hide of subreport example

Say, We've implemented JasperReportServer but battling to get the above working. 
Show Hide: There is a Report Execution that is apparently required. We have searched for examples but nothing that explains it comprehensively. Pls help....
As for Drill Down - please can you also send jrxml examples.

Tx Shaun

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please provide more details on the first item.
mrcaffeine - 10 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

Regarding Drill Down: If you look at the sample data that comes with JasperReports Server there are samples e.g. the monthly sales by quarter report (pro) or the Employees report (both CE and Pro).

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hi,i did not find any report with drill down feature in jasper community server.please share some samples if any one has and let me know is it possible to implement a drill down with jasper community.

kcsekhar25 - 9 years 10 months ago