How to use the test databases packaged with Jasper Server?

Hi, I am new to JasperReports software, and I have downloaded the new JasperServer 5.0.0 Community Edition for my 64-bit Windows machine. I am attempting to learn how to use the iReports Designer that came included with the JasperServer package. I have been trying to follow the instructions included on this page:


However, I am having issues on the "Define Data Source" section. I am attempting to connect to the sample "food mart" database. Here is a screenshot of my action:

When I click test I get prompted to type in the password again:

So, I type "jasperdb" and then an error window pops up that says the authentification failed:

I believe that this database should be working, because when I log into my local JasperServer through my browser, I can see Analysis Components > Analysis Data Sources > Foodmart Data Source (which has "type" JDSB Data Source), and all of the information is the same

  • Name - Foodmart Data Source
  • Driver - org.postgresql.Driver
  • URL - jdbc:postgresql://
  • name - jasperdb
  • password - jasperdb


Does anyone have any insight into why I am having this issue? Do you have any advice/suggestions on how I can test iReport Designer using the sample "Foodmart" database? 


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1 Answer:

Try the credentials (userid / password):   jasperdb / password    instead of: jasperdb / jasperdb.

You can see this if you log into JasperReports Server, select View -> Search Results, under All types, select More choices, select Data sources.  Right mouse click on Foodmart Data Source and select Test Connection.  You'll get a Connection passed msg.  If you change the password to: jasperdb and reselect the Test Connection button, you'll get a Connection failed msg.  Change the password back to: password, and the Test Connection will pass again.

In addition, if you select the Save password check box in iReport, then you'll not get the Password pop-up window.

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Thank you, that worked!

baseballstorm50 - 10 years 2 months ago