Analysis view


Iam using 4.0 commercial version

i want to add a analysis view by writing a mondrianschema.xml file.


and the mdx query is

SELECT {[Contact Location].[All Locations]} ON COLUMNS,
 {([Contact Categorization].[All Accounts]} ON ROWS
FROM [ContactDetails]

I got the error like...

Invalid MDX Query ,Document Parse failed :[Fatal Error]:1:1:content is not allowed in prolog.

<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
- <Schema name="SugarCRM Sales Performance">
-     <Dimension name="Contact Categorization">
-         <Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="All Contacts" primaryKey="id">
              <Table name="contacts" />
              <Level name="Name" column="last_name" uniqueMembers="false" />
              <Level name="PhoneNumber" column="phone_work" uniqueMembers="true" />
-     <Dimension name="Contact Location">
-         <Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="All Locations" primaryKey="id" primarykeyTable="contacts">
              <Table name="contacts" />
-             <Join leftKey="id" rightKey="id_c">
                  <Table name="contacts_cstm" /> 
              <Level name="Country" table="contacts_cstm" column="country_c" uniqueMembers="true" />
              <Level name="State/Province" table="contacts_cstm" column="state_c" uniqueMembers="false" />
              <Level name="City" table="contacts_cstm" column="city_c" uniqueMembers="false" />
      <Cube name="ContactDetails">
          <DimensionUsage name="Contact Categorization" source="Contact Categorization" primaryKey="id" />
          <DimensionUsage name="Contact Location" source="Contact Location" primaryKey="id" />

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