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Hi, I am kind of new to using the JasperETL tool and have successfully built functional dimension and fact tables; however I have run into an issue that I thought would be straight forward with the Jasper ETL tool but has been quite elusive.


I have data sets in two tables. The first I would call Active cards and second Inactive cards. I am trying to create a new data set called Card_Accounts which would have a one-to-many relationship with the Cards(both Active and Inactive) but the condition to determine that a Card_Account is active stipulates that it should not have a card that is considered Inactive (it is possible to have cards in both data sets that belong to the same Card_Account).


I am generating the list of Active Card_Accounts by doing a unique inner join between the source Card_Accounts table and the active_cards table (using the Card_Account_id), but I am also trying to exclude Card_Account records by setting a condition against the Inactive_cards table and this is where I am having trouble with the proper way to do this with the tMap or tFilterRow components.


I have attached a jpg image showing how I currently have my tMap inner join setup, and for now I am just flagging the card account as having an inactive card.


Thank you for any assistance.


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 Hi All,


I have created some dimension using using 'tMap' transform but i am looking for creating fact table for my dimension. Can any one help me and let me know how to build fact table in jasperetl, any documents on same will help me a lot. Please help


Looking forward for your reply...

Thanks in Advance



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