table row is splitted by page break. how to fix?

I've got a report with a table. Report is paginated. There could be few strings inside one cell.

Sometimes page breaker splits a row so first strings of the row are on one page and last strings of the same row is on next page.

Let say, I've got a table with 2 columns - full name and phone number. There are always 2 strings in every cell with full name- 1. first name and 2. last name. It could be that first name is showed on page #N and last name is showed on page #N+1.

Can I make IRepot do not split a row by page breakers and put the whole string on next page if it could be fitted completely on current page?

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2 Answers:

Right click on the band where you have placed these field and then uncheck "Split allowed" and that should do the trick.

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Go to detail band properties and set the "Split Type " to "Prevent".

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