The latest JR/iR ultimate guides are now available

The latest JR/iR ultimate guides are now available on the Support Portal and eShop. They cover versions 3.7. In addition to copyedits and cleanup, the new content includes:
Changes in the iReport Ultimate Guide:
  - New graphical cover page (care of Marketing)
  - Updated java version in requirements
  - Updated the distributions list
  - New chapter: Installing iReport on Mac OSX
  - Updated the wizards steps
  - Updated bands definition (multi-details, multi group header and footer)
  - Added info about the new Page Format window
  - Added info about the new bands and the split type option, multibands, keep together property, and footer position property
  - Updated images
  - Installing a Query Executer
  - New chapter: Fusion components
  - List Component
  - Fix for 14519  (Some JVMs throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on Vista)
Changes in the JasperReports Ultimate Guide:
 - New graphical cover page (care of Marketing)
  - Technical changes reflected throughout
  - XLS Data Source
  - ODS, DOCX, and XLSX Exporter
  - DejaVu fonts
  - Footer group position
  - Preventing groups from splitting
  - Crosstab enhancements



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