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  1. Apparently, 9.x versions of Postgres have a new binary encoding algorithm for LOB fields. This changed a setting’s default value in 9.x (bytea_output); the 8.x driver doesn’t recognize the new encoding, and fails to read the value. Two workarounds have been suggested: Option 1: Use the Postrgres 9.x JDBC driver instead of the 8.x version. Option 2: Reconfigure postgres instance to use 8.x default value. For Option 2: 1- Edit the <postgres>datapostgresql.conf file. 2 - Locate this line: bytea_output = ' hex' # hex, escape 3 - Change : ' hex' to 'escape'. For example: bytea_output = 'escape' # hex, escape You need to make this change BEFORE any data is written to the database. Note that this configuration affects everything in this Postgres instance. If other apps have databases in this Postgres instance, they will also need to be able to handle the ‘escape’ setting for the bytea_output option.
  2. My JRS repository is hosted by Postgres 9.3, but I need to use an 8.x driver. It’s not working. The application doesn’t load the license properly, and I see some problems in the log like: java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header: XXXXXXXX How can I work around this issue?
  3. Hi, not, the community eidtion of the server doesn't support the Pro chart types, such as the HTML5 charts you mention. Thanks, kristen
  4. Hi Eric, I don't think there is an automatic way to do this in the server, at least not out-of-the-box/without custmoization. Thanks, Kristen
  5. The short answer is no. This procedure does not work for JBoss AS7/EAP6 because, in addition to the JasperReports Server web application and the repository contents, Jaspersoft’s buildomatic creates a new module (jaspersoft.org.apache.batik) under the JBoss modules directory. If this module is not present, deployment will fail. (Please note that JBoss AS7/EAP6 is not supported with JasperReports Server versions earlier than 5.1.)
  6. Using JBoss 5.1, you can clone your JasperReports Server install by copying an existing JRS WAR file to a new JBoss instance. While this method isn’t strictly supported, some users have experienced good results. The question is this: will the same method work when JasperReports Server 5.1 is hosted by JBoss AS7/EAP6?
  7. In previous versions of the server, using /my_image.jpg worked (3.7-4.x, maybe?). But I just tested in 5.0.1, and you now need to use the full URI to the image on your server. So instead of:/my_image.jpg try using: http://localhost:8080/jasperserver-pro/my_image.jpg Thanks, Kristen PS - I did have a problem with the spinning disk icon though.
  8. Thanks for pointing out the problem. We'll try to get to this for next release.
  9. Edit: Just realized that you've got another, longer thread on this same topic that seemsto answer my question. Hey Carl, The plug-in is from Jaspersoft. There's some doc on it in the Pro user guide, but it certainly doesn't cover how to connect via SSH. I've never tried that before, myself, so I don't know what might get in your way. What kind of errors/behaviors are you seeing? Thanks, Kristen Post Edited by kkelleher at 12/08/2011 11:01
  10. The ultimate guide is the closest thing I think you'll find to a comprehensive list. In terms of decorate = no, its behavior varies between different versions of JasperReports server, and in 4.x and above, some users have complained that it doesn't have the expected behavior (see this tracker item). One important detail in the tracker item is the note about using &viewAsDashboardFrame=true instead of decorate = no when working with dashboards. Please vote for the issue if it's important to you! Thanks, Kristen
  11. I expect what's happening is that when you run the js-import command (intending hit to it your 3.7.0 install) you are actually hitting your 4.0 install. The easiest way to get around this is to stop your 4.0 server before running the import; then js-import will find your 3.7 install instead of your 4.0 install, and you should be in business. Good luck! Thanks, Kristen
  12. Christian, I don't know of a way to achieve this out of the box with the server, but it could be done with some (fairly heavy) customizations. You would need to create a custom page for the Add > New Resource > Input Control work-flow as well as adding a new column to the underlying database + all the related logic to write it. And you would also need some custom web work and logic in the run report/schedule report work-flows. Please log a tracker item for this enhancement. Thanks, Kristen Post Edited by kkelleher at 09/23/2011 13:05
  13. You'll need to use the command-line js-export utility. It's documented in install guide and the Pro Admin guide. Or you can use the js-export --help command for info. On the server host, js-export is in <js-install>/buildomatic directory. Thanks, Kristen
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    To answer the implied question, you should edit the js.quartz.properties file: Pro: /jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/js.quartz.properties CE: /jasperserver/WEB-INF/js.quartz.properties
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