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I am working on some reports where I want to have multiple pages around 8 pages in single report. Since the report has lots static text (about 80 %) of report, i am unable to create such report with multiple pages. I know jasper creates multiple pages dynamically from the data source available. but since i have lots of static text how can i do this?????

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Can you explain it a little more?

I don't see in what way static text is an obstacle. Do you mean you have a lot of section and headers inside report? Then you should use groups or possibly subreports.


Please claryfy your question

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Hi pawel_r Actually my problem is: I have to generate report which is around 8 pages. So how could i generate report with static text on each pages. (around 80%) Since when we design report it give us only one default page for static text. What about text on second page.. For example: Offer Letter.
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If you use a recent version of JasperReports, note that the detail section is now a multi-band section. Basically, you can have 8 detail bands inside the report. Each of them probably as big as one page.

Then, you just fill the report with an instance of the JREmptyDataSource (one single empty record).


I hope this helps.


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