Export/Import reports using JasperServer & iReport



Could you please tell me the procedure to export the reports from my development machine and import the same onto the QA machine using JasperServer and iReport?



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Hi, Refer the below link.......


Works Only in Windows XP not in Windows 2000










  • Import the myDir catalog folder, prepending /importDir to all repository URIs:

js-import --input-dir myDir --prepend-path /importDir

  • Import the myExport.zip catalog archive file:

js-import --input-zip myExport.zip




               Export the /reports/samples/AllAccounts resource to a catalog folder:

js-export --uris /reports/samples/AllAccounts --output-dir myExport

·               Export the /images and /fonts folders:

js-export --uris /images,/fonts --output-dir myExport

·               Export all the resources with permissions to a zip catalog:

js-export --uris / --repository-permissions --output-zip myExport.zip

·               Export all the resource and all the report jobs:

js-export --uris / --report-jobs / --output-dir myExport

·               Export the report jobs of the /reports/samples/AllAccounts report unit

js-export --report-jobs /reports/samples/AllAccounts --output-dir myExport

·               Export all the roles and users:

js-export --roles --users --output-dir myExport

·               Export the ROLE_USER and ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR roles along with all  

        users belonging to one of these roles:

js-export --roles ROLE_USER, ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR --role-users --output-

dir myExport



·               Export two users:

js-export --users jasperadmin, joeuser--output-dir myExport



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Yes, exactly what pentaho is saying above. You go to the <js-install-dir>/scripts directory and run a command similar to:

  js-export.bat --uris /reports/myreports --output-zip js-myreports.zip

Then, copy the js-myreports.zip to your qa machine and put the zip in the <js-install-dir>/scripts directory of your qa machine.

Then, cd to the <js-install-dir>/scripts dir and run:

  js-import.bat --input-zip js-myreports.zip

If you are running linux, then the command is js-export.sh and js-import.sh.

Also, you can take a look at <js-install-dir>/docs/JasperServer-Install-Guide.pdf. It has some info in import-export, I think.


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 It could be useful a option like "--delete" for the command "js-import" to remove useless resources  from repository:

js-import --delete --input-zip=myReports.zip

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