How to use anchor for HTML report


I am not sure whether I should post this question here or not. If it is not the correct forum, I apologise for that.

Now I am facing a problom to use anchor function for html report.

Let me tell you my scnario first, and please let me know if it is possible or not with basic function of jasperreport.

the report's output format is HTML, It will be included multiple parameter, so many line will be appeared.
for example on sql> select doc_number, description, date, ....... from table
I made Hyperlink/Anchor Name Expression for $F{DOC_Number} for doc_number field.
I would like to put the parameter that I could make position using doc_number. So it make possible to show the doc_number  from many records result pages.

I know my explaination is poor, but hope you understand my problem.

Anyone give me a tip & advice?

Thanks in advance,

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