Unable to connect to SQL Server 2000/2005

Hi All,

Does anyone know the workaround the "Connection Refused Exception"?

I have tried installing the jar files into the Jasper ETL folder.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...


Anil Mahadev
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1 Answer:

Hi Anil,

The most common reason for this is a port issue. Are you using port 1433 on your JDBC url? Is your SQL Server instance really listening on this port?

In a default SQL Server install this port will not be open to TCP connections. It's easy to open it up... but it's an extra config step. I don't know click-by-click instructions for this, but it should not be too difficult to find in the SQL Server docs.

If the problem is unrelated to this guess, let us know and we can try to find another guess.

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